Monday, November 10, 2014

clash of clans cheats

The latest update is out and you can have a half hour Clan Wars perform! What's all there in this update?

Clan Wars - Clan Wars

Fight clan against clan in strategic showdowns with lots of bonus booty!
Fill in the war log of your clan with the details of every legendary battle!
Take part in clan wars without resources, your shield or lose trophies.
Clan Castle renovation clash of clans cheats

Collect a lot of support from your clan to war with a clan castle level 6!
Clan Castles now protect war booty, but can be plundered!
Clan Castles higher level can contain more loot. Get the loot when you want!
Precious Box

The gems box is back !!
The gems box contains more than this and apologize for the long wait gems
Improving the interface and player support

Are you not in a division, then won and lost several attacks and defenses not visible
The reporting of unwanted chats has received a confirmation button in order to prevent this from happening accidentally clash of clans gems cheats
The Help Center is renewed. This version is in English and you will find it under Settings -> Help and Support -> More Help
Other minor modifications

Upgrading a Clan Castle level 5 has become cheaper
A laboratory level 8 has gained more life points

And to help you on your way, here are some interesting videos on the Clan Wars.

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